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Top Painting Contractor on How to Create a Cottage Kitchen June 8, 2018

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Top Painting Contractor on How to Create a Cottage Kitchen, Ossining, New York

While home design trends have shifted toward modern, minimalist themes, many still prefer the look of a well-lived-in space due to its more welcoming atmosphere. If you’re having trouble implementing the latter in your kitchen because of the appliances and fixtures you already have, C.E.T. Painting, a trusted painting contractor serving Westchester County, NY, shares some tips on how to achieve a cottage look without having to remodel.

Painting Contractor Lists 4 Ways To Create A Cottage Kitchen

1. Choose Paint Colors Wisely

The theme of any room can be significantly altered depending on the colors you choose for your walls, cabinets, and other surfaces. To get a warm and cozy look for your cottage kitchen, opt for earth or pastel colors for your walls with a splash of vibrant orange or red hues to accent your cabinets.

2. Use Rustic Furniture

Tall, wooden round stools placed beside the kitchen counter, a painted plate rack near the sink, and a buffet lamp instead of the usual fluorescent ceiling lights are just some of the rustic pieces of furniture you can use to make the room more comfortable for you and more inviting to your guests.

3. Integrate Vintage Appliances

You don’t havepainting contractor to sacrifice functionality for the sake of aesthetics. You can retain major appliances such as your refrigerator, oven, and dishwasher, but try to include vintage ones like retro pop-up toasters and drink mixers or antique coffee pots. You can even choose not to use them, but their very presence can make your kitchen look more lived-in.

4. Stick To Wood Finish

When it comes to your table and counter, no finish can match the rustic look of wood. Natural stones like granite and marble are elegant and sophisticated while wood finishes, especially ones with visible grain patterns, can lend an authentic country vibe to your kitchen.

These are just some of the changes you can make to get the cottage kitchen you’ve always wanted. If you need the services of an experienced painting contractor, get in touch with C.E.T. Painting. This interior and exterior painting expert serves both residential and commercial clients. They also specialize in deck staining and pressure washing. Call (914) 615-1415 to talk to a painting contractor or visit their website to view some of their past work.

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