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3 Ways to Boost Home Security While on Vacation June 13, 2018

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3 Ways to Boost Home Security While on Vacation, Harrison, Arkansas

Going on vacation means freeing yourself from day-to-day worries, but if your home security isn’t as strong as it could be, you may find yourself stressing when you should be relaxing. Prospective thieves know how to look for the signs of a vulnerable home, and they are especially adept at targeting houses while families are on vacation. If you’re planning a trip this summer, here are a few helpful tips to deter burglars in your absence.

A Guide to Boosting Home Security While on Vacation

1. Keep Up Appearances

Piled newspapers, tall grass, and drawn shades are obvious signs that a home’s occupants have been away. It’s best to leave your home looking just as it would if you were there, which can be achieved by having someone drop by periodically or hiring a helper. Have them tend to your lawn, bring in newspapers, and check to make sure everything looks as it should. Don’t forget to stop the mail and install timers on your lights to mimic the appearance of someone being home.

2. Skip the Social Media

It can be tempting to give your followers a play-by-play of your vacation as it unfolds, but it’s a better idea to save posts for when you return. Even if your profile is private, it’s possible for friends of friends to learn of your whereabouts, and the fewer people that know you’re gone, the better. Avoid “checking in” to locations, and instead share details about your trip upon your safe arrival back home.

3. Equip Your Home With a Security System

home securityLastly, one of the most effective ways to ensure peace of mind while you’re away is to invest in a quality security system. Even seeing a camera could deter a would-be burglar, but in the event an unauthorized individual still tries to enter your home, local authorities will be promptly notified. This minimizes the risk that your valuables could be stolen or your property damaged, so all you’ll have to do on your trip is focus on having a good time!


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