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3 Golf Etiquette Tips October 29, 2018

Grants Lick, Campbell
3 Golf Etiquette Tips, Grants Lick, Kentucky

Golf is an enjoyable, relaxing game played by more than 24 million Americans each year. To make sure each player gets the most out of the experience, every golfer should observe simple etiquette, says the staff at A.J. Jolly Golf Course of Alexandria, KY. Here, they offer these few rules every golfer should follow.

Golf Etiquette Guide

1. Clean Up as You Go

Before you move on to the next hole, make sure you clean up the current one. This means more than picking up trash and bringing your clubs, balls, and tees with you. You should also rake each bunker and fix any divots your club created in the ground. Leave the green as nice or nicer than you found it to benefit the next players.

2. Keep Calm

golfFor a sport associated with relaxation, golf can be surprisingly stressful at times. If you’re playing a serious match with others or having a bad day on the course, try not to get upset and yell or, worse, throw a club. The latter action could result in injury. If you feel yourself getting irritated, step aside and focus on your breathing for a few minutes until the aggravation subsides.

3. Put Your Phone on Silent

Even if you’re playing for fun, quiet is critical for other players who may be concentrating on their swing. For their benefit, keep your phone off or on silent while you’re on the green. Better yet, leave it in the car and experience a few rare technology-free hours.

For a fantastic round of golf on a Top 10 course, book your tee time at A.J. Jolly Golf Course. They accommodate everyone, from novices to professionals, and have a well-stocked pro shop where you’ll find everything you need for the game. To speak to a staff member, call (859) 635-2106 today. To learn more about the company, visit them online.

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