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The Top 3 Plumbing Tips for Parents of Young Children June 25, 2018

Broadway, Crystal
The Top 3 Plumbing Tips for Parents of Young Children, Crystal, Minnesota

New parents face a number of challenges as it is without clogged toilets or blocked pipes further complicating matters. Fortunately, if you have young children running around the house, there are a few ways to avoid the cost of hiring an emergency plumber.

3 Plumber-Approved Tips for New Parents

1. Unplug Any Electrical Devices Near Water

Children tend to love splashing in water and don't understand the inherent danger of electricity, so unplug all electrical devices in your bathroom and kitchen. A child could accidentally knock an electric shaver, for instance, into the sink or toilet bowl and receive an electrical shock. Be vigilant about such appliances both indoors and outdoors.

2. Don't Flush Baby Wipes

Many brands of baby wipes are labeled "flushable." However, even these products do not decompose quickly and are likely to clog your toilet. If you flush enough of them, you might create a blockage you can't unclog with a plunger, thus requiring an emergency visit from a plumber.

3. Set Your Water Heater to 120 Degrees

Plumber in Minneapolis, MNAlthough many manufacturers recommend setting the water heater to 140 degrees, liquid that hot can scald a baby's sensitive skin. Instead, reduce the temperature to 120 degrees. This is hot enough to kill dangerous bacteria, but it poses less of a danger to your child during bath time or while washing hands after dinner.


The tips above should help you avoid trouble—at least until your children become teenagers. But if you need professional help in the meantime, contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Minneapolis, MN. They've served the Twin Cities for more than 40 years and offer fast, reliable drain cleaning and faucet and toilet repair. Visit their website to view their service area, or call (952) 931-9676 to schedule an appointment with an experienced plumber.

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