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4 FAQ About Metal Roofs June 12, 2018

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4 FAQ About Metal Roofs, Jenks, Oklahoma

Whether you’re building a new home or simply need to replace your existing roof, you may find yourself researching a variety of materials. For many homeowners, metal roofs are the perfect option thanks to the many benefits they offer. However, others aren’t too sure what to expect from this material. Luckily, the following information answers some of your most pressing questions about metal roofs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Metal Roofs

Are They Noisy?

metal roofMany people expect metal roofs to create a significant amount of noise during rainstorms and heavy winds. However, the roof is typically installed on top of a solid substrate that absorbs most of the noise, as well as the attic and insulation. That means you won’t have to worry about any noisiness above the sounds of a typical roof.

What Are the Different Types of Metal?

While metal roofs can be made of copper, titanium, and zinc, they are more commonly made of aluminum or steel. Steel tends to be lightweight and protects the roof from rust with the application of metallic coatings. Aluminum, on the other hand, is much more lightweight and can resist corrosion from strong storms. However, aluminum may come with a higher price tag.

Are They Energy-Efficient?

Because metal roofs can reflect most of the sun’s energy, they are often considered to be an incredibly efficient option. They absorb less heat, which means your air conditioner won’t need to work as hard to keep you cool and comfortable. As a result, you’ll likely enjoy lower cooling costs all summer.

What Maintenance Do They Require?

When compared with other roofing materials, metal roofs require very little care—partly because they’re protected with paints and coverings to prevent corrosion. The only maintenance it will require is a regular washing to remove harmful chemicals. If you notice loose nails over the years, these should be pulled out and re-nailed.


Whether you’re interested in metal roofs or another material, you’ll need roofing contractors you can trust to install the new structure. Thankfully, the experts at Guaranteed Roofing provide unparalleled expertise to residents of Jenks, OK. With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, you can count on them to help you pick out the right material for your home and install it around your schedule. To schedule an estimate, give them a call today at (918) 451-0119. Or, visit their website for more information.
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