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A Brief Overview of an Oil Change June 12, 2018

North Madison, Lake
A Brief Overview of an Oil Change, North Madison, Ohio

If you drive your car regularly, you’re familiar with the need for oil changes. However, have you ever considered what this process entails? The expert team at Madison Muffler and Auto has provided the service to Lake County, OH, motorists for more than 50 years. Here, they elaborate on the steps that go into this crucial auto maintenance task.

How Mechanics Perform an Oil Change

1. Preparing Your Vehicle

First, mechanics will make sure your vehicle is on safe, level ground, like that in a garage. Then, they will allow the car to idle for around 10 minutes, so the engine gets warm. Once the vehicle is safely parked and restrained, they will jack it up and place a drain pan beneath the engine. Finally, they will allow the car to cool for another 10 minutes.

2. Draining the Oil

oil changeOnce your vehicle is secure, the mechanic will open the hood and unscrew the oil cap. Once they’ve placed the oil pan beneath the car, they will remove the plug and allow the liquid to drip out for a few minutes.

3. Refilling the Oil Supply

After replacing the oil filter, the mechanic will move onto replacing the oil supply that lubricates your engine’s moving parts. The fill hole is located under the hood, and the owner’s manual will specify the type and amount of oil required. To avoid bubbling, your auto technician will hold the bottle of oil with the spout on top. Finally, they will replace the fuel cap and turn on the engine to make sure the change oil light turns off.

While essential, oil changes can be confusing for the everyday driver. For top-notch service, turn to Madison Muffler and Auto. They handle a broad range of auto services, from muffler work to brake repair. For more information about this family-owned and -operated company, visit their website or call (440) 428-2677. After 50 years of experience, you can be assured your car is in safe hands at this Lake County, OH, auto care center.

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