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Do's & Don'ts of Using Your Garbage Disposal June 13, 2018

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Do's & Don'ts of Using Your Garbage Disposal, Anchorage, Alaska

Garbage disposals offer the convenience of quickly and easily getting rid of unwanted foods, but like with any appliance, there are a few do’s and don’ts of proper use. Using the system appropriately will keep your plumbing in excellent shape. Below are a few of the top do’s and don’ts of using your garbage disposal to prevent plumbing repairs in your near future.


Read the user manual.

Every garbage disposal works differently. An older, basic model will be limited in what and how much it can handle while a new, top-of-the-line garbage disposal is capable of grinding more types of waste.

Have it professionally installed.

Your garbage disposal is connected to your kitchen’s plumbing system, and if it’s not properly installed, it can cause problems. To prevent water backing up into the sink or waste entering your dishwasher’s lines, have a professional handle the installation.

Run cold water while it’s in use.

Cold water helps items such as grease congeal rather than attaching to your disposal’s inner parts or plumbing. While you shouldn’t pour large amounts of fats or oils down the drain, cold water can help congeal small bits that will inevitably enter your sink. This can protect your system from buildups and blockages.


plumbingUse bleach or drain cleaner.

Instead of using harsh chemicals that can degrade the metal of your sink and pipes, drop peels of lemon or other citrus fruit into the disposal for grinding. This will leave a fresh scent while removing dirt. Remember to run water as you clean the drain to rinse the debris loosened by the citrus.

Put tough foods down the drain.

As a general rule, you shouldn’t place anything into the disposal unit that would be difficult for your teeth to chew. For example, you should never put cooking grease or oils, eggshells, bones, or coffee grounds into the unit. These will dull the blades and make it less effective.

Use the disposal as a trash can.

Septic and sewer systems aren’t equipped to break down most non-food items, such as cigarette butts or styrofoam containers. Other items, such as plastic wrappers, can get caught in the joints of your pipes, causing clogs. 


Whether you want to install a new garbage disposal or need to clear a clog out of your kitchen sink, Chugach Sewer and Drain can help. The team solves plumbing and drainage problems in the Anchorage, AK, area, and their plumbers are licensed and experienced in installation, repairs, and cleaning of pipes. They also provide emergency plumbing services. If you need an experienced plumber’s help installing or repairing a garbage disposal, call (907) 929-5072 today, and visit their website for more information about their services.

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