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Buffalo Wild Wings, College Point's go-to spot for beer, sports and wings. Watch your favorite sports on wall to wall flatscreens while enjoying beers from around the world.

3 Wow-Worthy Facts You Never Knew About Buffalo Wild Wings® June 19, 2018

College Point, Queens
3 Wow-Worthy Facts You Never Knew About Buffalo Wild Wings® , Queens, New York

When you’re in the mood to consume some tasty wings, watch the big game, and drink some brews, if you’re like many Americans, you know to head to Buffalo Wild Wings®. With locations throughout the country, including Danbury, CT, and Brooklyn, NY, the premier bar and restaurant chain offers everything you need for an amazing afternoon or evening. In case you love this place as much as the next buffalo wings fan, you may want to learn a few more interesting facts about the destination.

3 Cool Details About Buffalo Wild Wings

1. Boneless Wings Rake in the Big Bucks

It’s no secret that patrons love wings in all shapes and forms—spicy, saucy, you name it. However, boneless wings take the lead with over one billion sold each year on average. By comparison, the franchise sells about 768 million traditional wings annually. Either way, they taste amazing. Which do you prefer?

2. The Hot Sauce in the Blazin’ Challenge Is Insanely Hot

wingsBuffalo Wild Wings’ hottest sauce, which is slathered on 12 wings in the Blazin’ Challenge, is seriously hot. But did you know just how hot? According to the experts, the “Blazin’” sauce measures about 350,000 Scoville units, which makes it up to 70 times hotter than a jalapeño. If you can consume 12 of the spicy wings in under six minutes, you’ll win a tee shirt, your name in the Hall of Fame, and, of course, plenty of bragging rights.

3. Culinary Experts Get Serious in the Sauce Lab

You may already know that Buffalo Wild Wings boasts 21 delicious signature sauces. You may not know, though, that the company’s experts are constantly crafting and honing new flavors in the B-Dubs’ Sauce Lab. Like scientists, they mix and blend until they finally find the tastiest formula. They also like to periodically re-release limited flavors, so keep your eyes out for your favorites from seasons past.

Head to a Buffalo Wild Wings near you to enjoy America’s favorite wings. With locations across the nation, you can likely find a restaurant near you. To check out the selection of mouthwatering hot wings, burgers, and other tasty eats, view the menu online. For your convenience, you can place an order on the website or by calling (203) 794-9453. 

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