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A New Museum in Silicon Valley --- The World's Largest of Its Kind! June 11, 2018

Cambrian Park, Santa Clara County
A New Museum in Silicon Valley --- The World's Largest of Its Kind!, Cambrian Park, California

As home to some of the world’s top technology firms and several fascinating science museums, Silicon Valley is considered the world’s incubator of tech innovation and discovery. Soon, San Jose may also be home to the world’s largest museum of alchemy studies, a precursor to modern chemistry. The chemistry tutors of Study Wizards Tutoring are excited about this opportunity to engage students in the history and development of their expert field.

World’s Largest Alchemy Museum Planned for San Jose

What Is Alchemy?

Cultures throughout the world have been fascinated with the idea of transforming matter from one state to another, from ancient Egypt and Greece to medieval Europe. Most famously, alchemists, often stereotyped as occult wizards, were concerned with concocting a substance known as the philosopher’s stone. This substance was able to turn lead or mercury into gold. It was sometimes also called the elixir of life which could give immortality. Two very interesting goals to be sure.

Why Study Alchemy?

While some incorrect assumptions (as far as we know now) about the nature of the universe formed the basis for alchemy, it also sparked curiosity about the natural world, eventually leading to modern chemistry. In fact, Robert Boyle, known as the first modern chemist, and Isaac Newton, both studied alchemy, not to mention many other great minds, especially in the Renaissance. Understanding how discoveries through the centuries led thinkers to evolve from the philosopher's stone to the periodic table gives students valuable insight into the power and value of science. Teachers and tutors may find the connection between science and magical studies engaging, especially for younger students exposed to Harry Potter, Game of Thrones and the recent blossoming of the sword-and-sorcery genre.

What Will the Museum Be?

Just as alchemy was a visionary outgrowth of Egyptian science, so is the Rosicrucian Alchemy Museum a vision and plan in progress for the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum which families are welcome to visit in the here and now in San Jose! Both the current and future museums are designed for field trips, groups, families and individuals. The current one is great for those who’d like to see ancient Egypt. Indeed, Study Wizard’s Outreach Director took his 9th grade world history class there years ago. And the upcoming Alchemy Museum will be wonderful for those interested in this new/old perspective on the development of chemistry and our modern world.

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