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How to Include a Child In a Memorial Service July 9, 2018

Medford, Brookhaven
How to Include a Child In a Memorial Service, Brookhaven, New York

The death of a loved one is painful at any age, but it's particularly devastating for children. Many parents feel they must shield their child from the events following a loss. However, this decision can cause more confusion and inhibit the grieving process. Encouraging a child not only to attend but also take part in a celebration of life will help them grieve healthily and achieve closure. Here are a few ways to compassionately incorporate children into a memorial service.

Dedicate a Song or Poem

Songs and poetry are standard parts of a memorial service, and a natural opportunity to involve a child close to the deceased. Allow them to dedicate a piece to their loved one, especially if they shared a favorite song or book. You can print their chosen poem or book excerpt in the service pamphlet. Older children may benefit from taking a more active role in the service by singing a selected song or reading their poem aloud.

Create & Display Artwork

memorial serviceMany families display photographs of their loved one to celebrate their life and allow guests to reminiscence. This tradition offers an excellent moment to involve the youngest generation. Have all closely related children draw pictures that depict their favorite memories of the person who recently passed. You can display their artwork at the funeral alongside photographs for all visitors to see.

Distribute Flowers or Service Pamphlets

Instead of allowing floral arrangements to go to waste, separate bouquets into individual flowers. Then, ask the children of the family to distribute them to attendees as a token of appreciation. The youngsters can also hand out pamphlets with a copy of the obituary and outline of the service as guests arrive.

A funeral or memorial service is an important step in the grieving process regardless of your age. The team at New York Atlantic Funeral Services in Medford know planning services through one's grief is overwhelming, so they try to make the process as simple and stress-free as possible. Serving all of Long Island and the five boroughs, their compassionate staff is dedicated to supporting families in the aftermath of loss with personalized assistance every step of the way. Learn more about their cremation and burial services online or by calling (631) 732-0570.

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