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Increase Your Total Well Being at South Reno Acupuncture May 22, 2015

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Increase Your Total Well Being at South Reno Acupuncture, Reno Southeast, Nevada

Acupuncture, the ancient Chinese practice of inserting thin needles into the skin, is a natural healing remedy that people in the United States generally think of as a treatment for pain. However, acupuncture can be used to treat more than just chronic or acute pain; for thousands of years, the Chinese have used acupuncture for insomnia, gastrointestinal disorders, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and even depression or emotional stress. At South Reno Acupuncture, Dr. Gary Danchak uses his expertise in the art of acupuncture to run a holistic medicine practice to help everyone from people with internal illnesses to people who are looking for a way to relieve themselves of life’s stresses.

Dr. Danchak is a board-certified practitioner of oriental medicine who has offered safe and reliable acupuncture and herbal formulas in the spa-like atmosphere of South Reno Acupuncture since 2003. He strives to provide clients with a relaxing experience that begins the moment they enter the facility. Clients who come for acupuncture treatments with Dr. Danchak will experience the physical and emotional benefits of having the energy of the body’s six yin and yang organs balanced, which leads to inner harmony and health.

Clients experiencing pain who receive regular treatments have reported significant increases in their level of comfort, as well as a noticeable reduction or complete elimination of pain. Furthermore, acupuncture is one of the few pain treatments available that is accompanied by few or no adverse side effects.

If you’re experiencing pain, emotional stress, or another chronic disorder or if want to increase your personal well being in general, and are interested in treatments other than those provided by traditional Western medicine, call South Reno Acupuncture at (775) 849-9800 or email and make an appointment with Dr. Danchak today.