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3 Tips for Fixing Everyday Laser Printer Malfunctions September 28, 2018

Jessup, Anne Arundel
3 Tips for Fixing Everyday Laser Printer Malfunctions, Jessup, Maryland

Even the best-made laser printers will not work sometimes, either due to human error or a worn-out part. With some guidance from the respected print management company, Laser Line in Jessup, MD, you can learn how to quickly troubleshoot basic issues. Here is a guide to laser printer problems from the experts. 

Solving Basic Laser Printer Issues

1. Paper Jams

The most common laser printer related issue is one that plagues all printers at one point or another: the dreaded paper jam. First, check to see if a single sheet is caught up in the roller. Next, examine the full stack of paper to see if it’s the wrong size or overloaded. You also may want to examine inside the printer to see if a large amount of detritus has accumulated.

2. Print Failure

laser printerYou’ve pressed print and then you’ve pressed it again, but nothing happens. In these situations, the culprit is often that you’re not printing to the right printer. Go to settings and ensure that your office or home printer is listed as the “default” machine in your settings. If you’re still not seeing a printout, look to see that there’s paper in the machine and ensure that all the related plugs are firmly in place.

3. Ghostly Print-Outs

Another typical problem is when you print, and the resulting paper shows ink that seems extremely faded. This issue is usually linked to a toner that is almost out of ink and can be remedied by a simple replacement. But if that doesn’t work, it’s worth looking at the settings. Sometimes, one person switches the printer into draft-mode, which instructs the machine to use less ink per page.

If there’s a laser printer problem you can’t solve on your own, don’t hesitate to reach out to Laser Line. With an excellent printer service team, the professionals will swiftly get your machine up and running again. As an HP® Partner, they also have outstanding printers in stock if you need a replacement. You can speak with a courteous staffer by calling (410) 636-1700. Learn more about the company by visiting their website

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