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How Long Should You Leave Your Hair Extensions In? May 22, 2015

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How Long Should You Leave Your Hair Extensions In? , Irondequoit, New York

Hair extensions are a fabulous way to increase the length and thickness of your hair. They may be used on almost anyone, no matter the degree of hair damage. However, dyeing extensions to match your hair color is highly recommended.

The Grande Facade in Rochester, New York specializes in hair extensions, and the staff remains dedicated to helping each client achieve their best look. Check out the expert team’s best tips regarding extension longevity:

Type of Extension

How long you can leave your hair extensions in depends partially on the type of extension that you’re wearing. Sew-in and glue-in extensions typically last three to six months, but they should be checked every four to six weeks to ensure that the adhesive or thread is holding and that no problems are developing with the scalp.

Newer hair extension methods, such as bonded and fusion extensions, usually last about nine months and are considered more natural-looking.

Quality of Care

Another factor contributing to how long extensions may be worn is how well they're maintained. Following stylist instructions is imperative, as is washing and conditioning properly. Hair should be washed from top to bottom using a shampoo and conditioner that's recommended for dry hair. Immediately washing hair after swimming is highly encouraged, and washing it upside down in a sink is a bad idea.

It’s also necessary to brush your hair from the bottom up while holding the top of the extensions to avoid shredding or shedding the strands.

Talk to your stylist at The Grande Facade today about the best hair extensions for your hair type. You may also wish to discuss other faux hair options, such as lace front wigs.

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