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3 Essential Plumbing Tips for Parents June 11, 2018

South St. Paul, Dakota
3 Essential Plumbing Tips for Parents, South St. Paul, Minnesota

As a parent, you have a lot to take care of. This includes ensuring your children can develop in a healthy environment, which means taking care of your home’s plumbing on a regular basis. As the team at Do It Right Plumbing Sewer & Drain Services in Eagan, MN, explains, there are a few simple ways you can accomplish this goal.

How Parents Can Take Care of the Plumbing

1. Teach Kids What to Flush

Many active children will naturally try to push the limits of a plumbing system, especially when their parents aren’t looking. To prevent clogs caused by toys and other items, teach your kids what can be flushed and what should stay outside the toilet and sink. As a general rule, nothing but toilet paper, human waste, and water should go down these fixtures.

2. Turn Down the Water Heater Temperature

plumbingRunning the water heater at a high temperature can cost you money and will shorten the life span of the appliance. Furthermore, the hot pipes can burn kids who accidentally get too close. To prevent issues, make sure the temperature on the water heater is turned down to a reasonable level. You can even ask a professional to install a lock device on the faucets to make sure the kids can’t make the water too hot and scald themselves.

3. Have Everyone Use Less Paper

Toilet paper can get expensive quickly, and small children often use too much. In addition to costing you extra money, this can also result in frequent toilet clogs. Spend some time teaching the kids how much toilet paper to use, and ask your plumber which types flush easier to avoid backups.

For plumbing tips and help with repairs, turn to Do It Right Plumbing Sewer & Drain Services. Serving Minneapolis, their experienced team can troubleshoot a wide variety of issues and install new fixtures should you need them. If there’s an emergency, they are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, no matter when you need help. To schedule an appointment, call them today at (612) 388-8524 or visit them online.

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