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7 Forklifts Terms Every Beginner Should Know June 22, 2018

South Plainfield, Middlesex County
7 Forklifts Terms Every Beginner Should Know, South Plainfield, New Jersey

If you want to operate a forklift, you require certification by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and special licensing. Even with the proper credentials, the forklift service and sales specialists at AJ Jersey in South Plainfield, NJ, believe it’s important to know the equipment terminology before getting in the driver’s seat for the first time. Doing so will ensure equipment is handled safely and correctly. 

7 Forklift Service Terms to Remember

1. Rating Plate

Before you lift crates of inventory or other heavy loads in a warehouse, first look at the rating plate. This marker is located near the steering wheel and informs the operator of how much weight the equipment can legally transport at one time.  

2. Load Carriage

Forks need to be securely mounted to the vehicle portion of equipment, so they don’t buckle under the weight of carrying heavy loads. The support apparatus, or load carriage, is where forks and other attachments are mounted.    

3. Load Forks

Forks or tynes are attached to the load carriage. Similar to a person’s arms, the cantilevered limbs pick up the freight and carry it from one place to another.    

4. Mast

South-Plainfield-New-Jersey-forklift-serviceThe mast is a support structure responsible for moving the forks up and down. The mast is typically operated by cylinders using hydraulic or chain mechanisms. 

5. Back Rest

When the load is moved, the back rest—one of the carriage attachments—helps secure the load by stopping it from shifting backwards in transit. The counter weight also assists with even weight distribution when moving loads. 

6. Tilt & Lift Cylinders

The lift cylinder controls how much a forklift service operator can raise and lower the load support components. The tilt cylinder dictates the degree to which attachments can be moved forward and backward.   

7. Overhead Guard

Even with proper care, items could shift or fall while being moved. An overhead guard protects everything from injury. This shield serves as the forklift roof and will take the impact if anything falls on the machine.

If you need high-quality heavy equipment for your commercial business or industrial site, the forklift service and sales associates at AJ Jersey will assist. Their team will help you navigate the inventory of new and used forklifts for sale and to rent. They also provide maintenance services. To learn more about forklift services and equipment available in New Jersey, call (908) 754-7333. Visit them online to learn more about the brands they carry. 

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