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3 Common Misconceptions About Personal Injury Claims August 3, 2018

Westchester Village, Bronx
3 Common Misconceptions About Personal Injury Claims, Bronx, New York

Most people have never dealt with the legal system before, which can make hiring a personal injury attorney confusing. Common misconceptions and rampant misinformation make the situation even worse, leading victims to make critical mistakes that cost them in the long run. Below are some of the most prevalent myths about personal injury law.

3 Common Personal Injury Misconceptions

1. Speaking to a Personal Injury Attorney Is Expensive

personal injuryWhile lawyers in some practice areas to charge on an hourly basis, most personal injury attorneys only collect a fee if they’re able to secure compensation on your behalf. Most clients pay nothing up front, substantially reducing the risk of hiring a lawyer. Most law firms also provide initial consultations free of charge, allowing you to interview several attorneys before deciding.

2. I Can Work With the Insurance Company on My Own

While insurers should pay for any damages their clients cause through negligence, most are more concerned with protecting profit margins. These companies employ a variety of methods to keep settlements low, from disputing liability to minimizing the severity of your injuries. Personal injury attorneys know how to counteract these tactics and ensure you get the full settlement to which you’re entitled.

3. The Liable Party Is Responsible for Paying Damages

Victims often assume the person responsible for their accident, who may not have the financial means to pay for damages, is responsible for paying compensation. However, most personal injury scenarios are covered by auto, home, or renter’s insurance, allowing you to collect on even the most serious injuries.


As one of the Bronx’s most trusted law firms, the personal injury attorneys at Pena & Kahn, PLLC have served accident victims throughout the borough since 1987. Whether you’ve been hurt in an auto accident or injured by a defective product, they have the expertise and resources to handle even the most complex cases. Visit their website or call (718) 585-6551 to schedule your free consultation today, and follow them on Facebook for more legal tips.

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