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Is the Internet Provider or Computer to Blame for Streaming Issues? June 14, 2018

Murray Hill, Manhattan
Is the Internet Provider or Computer to Blame for Streaming Issues?, Manhattan, New York

It’s frustrating to have an online video cut out or endlessly buffer. If you’re wondering whether the internet service provider or computer is to blame, Velstar International, based in Manhattan, NY, is here to help. The telecommunications company explains that the answer isn’t always clear. Sometimes it’s a connection issue, while other times it’s the hardware. Every situation is different, but, thankfully, there are a few steps you can take to determine the problem.

Use a Different Device

internet service providerIf the video you’re streaming doesn’t require certain software, try accessing it from a different device that shares the same connection, like another computer, tablet, or smartphone. If you have no trouble watching it from that second device, the issue is likely not the Internet service provider. Check if the computer’s software and video card are up-to-date. Barring any malware, updating or upgrading these components is usually the best solution.

Try Other Websites

When changing devices doesn’t improve the situation, try visiting other similar websites. Can you connect to them easily or are you experiencing the same problem? If you can stream videos elsewhere, the issue may be with the initial website. In this case, there’s not much you can do other than inquiring with them directly and waiting for a response. However, if you can’t access anything else and the router isn’t the culprit, it may be due to your Internet service provider. Call a representative to see if they’re having an issue or for assistance troubleshooting.

For businesses that want a faster, more reliable Internet connection, contact Velstar International. With a broad range of trusted partners in their network and an easy-to-use online marketplace and quote portal, they can quickly connect you with the right Internet service provider for your needs. Looking to upgrade your cybersecurity as well? Call them today at (212) 882-1345 to discuss available options. Visit the website to browse more of their products and services.

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