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The Do's & Don'ts of Home Flower Care June 18, 2018

North Haven, New Haven County
The Do's & Don'ts of Home Flower Care, North Haven, Connecticut

Receiving a beautiful flower arrangement is enough to put a smile on anyone’s face. Their exuberance and natural beauty brightens up your home significantly. With proper maintenance, you can extend the blooming buds’ life and keep them looking fresh for longer. Keep the following do’s and don’ts in mind to provide the at-home care these fresh-cut beauties need.


Put them in a clean vase.

Wash your selected flower vase with soap and hot water, and clean the bottom and interior walls with a brush. Then, fill it with warm water and a teaspoon of bleach to disinfect the vase. A contaminated vessel can pollute the water, potentially exposing your flowers to bacteria and fungi.

Use the food provided.

The food provided with floral arrangements closely replicates the nutrition flowers receive in their natural environment. Many of the DIY nutrition options include chemical components, like aspirin and bleach, which can be harmful to your flowers.

Remove extra foliage.

Leaves that reach into the water are likely to deteriorate and affect the water quality. Remove them and any excess foliage that may be exposed to water. You may also need to re-cut the stalks in an angular shape to allow better hydration for your flowers.


Expose the arrangement to direct sunlight and heat.

FlowersPlace the flower arrangement in a spot where it’s safe from direct exposure to sunlight and heat. Hot air can be damaging to the delicate petals, giving them a wilted appearance and reducing their life considerably. 

Retain wilted flowers.

Flowers that lose their freshness and vitality over time should be removed, so they stop consuming space and essential nutrients. This helps direct all the nutrition to the ones that are currently blooming or are about to blossom. 


Proper at-home care is key to keep your flowers beautiful. For best results, take your pick from the fresh and spectacular floral arrangement designs Forget Me Not Flower Shop has to offer. Serving North Haven, CT, and the surrounding areas since 1977, including Hamden, Northford, and Madison, their florists specialize in creating floral decorations for any occasion. For further information about their products and designs, call (203) 248-7589 or visit their website.

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