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The Value of Custom Outdoor Signs: Why Every Local Business Should Invest in Outdoor Advertising May 22, 2015

Newtown, Fairfield County
The Value of Custom Outdoor Signs: Why Every Local Business Should Invest in Outdoor Advertising, Newtown, Connecticut

No amount of online advertising can make up for outdoor advertising, especially for local businesses. A Sign Depot, Newtown, CT's number one sign company for hand-crafted signs and banners, believes that all local businesses need signs and banners to attract local customers into their stores. 

Here’s four clear-cut reasons why every business should still invest in outdoor advertising:

  • Outdoor advertising is 24/7. Sign companies know that the best way to advertise is to be available all the time. By showcasing custom outdoor signs outside, day or night, customers cannot turn ‘off’ the advertising like they can when looking at something on the internet.
  • It reaches ‘hard-to-reach’ customers. While the internet can reach anywhere, sometimes you just need to reach the people next door. Custom banners and custom wood signs are a good way to grab attention from the people who are most likely to be your next customers.
  • It combines well with mixed media. Outdoor advertising seamlessly fits into any of your other advertising campaigns. Whether you want to combine wooden signs with truck lettering or posters with an email campaign, it’s easy to take pictures of something that will last.
  • People like outdoor advertising. People appreciate when businesses put thought and pride into their establishments. Clever branding and logos can translate to virtual and outdoor signs.

For more information on how you can grab a custom made sign for your business, call A Sign Depot in Newtown, Connecticut at (203) 426-0171 today. 

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