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3 Reasons Your Gutters & Downspouts Aren't Working June 13, 2018

Moscow Mills, Lincoln
3 Reasons Your Gutters & Downspouts Aren't Working, Moscow Mills, Missouri

To protect your roof and foundations from water damage, your water dispersal systems must operate properly. While many residents can easily point out their gutters and downspouts, only a few can detect when they malfunction. Woodruff Roofing & Exterior, a gutter service company located in Moscow Mills, MO, explains these exterior devices below. 

A Gutter Service Company’s Guide to Why They’re Malfunctioning

1. Clogs

gutter servicesThe most common reason gutters and downspouts don’t operate correctly is when they experience blockages. After a storm, dirt and detritus often find their way into these vessels, forming a clog. Many times, the culprits are twigs and leaves, which leave the water with little room to flow. With an expert’s help, you can clear the gutter without damaging it. 

2. Size

After rainwater is channeled into your gutter, it’s meant to go down the downspout and flow away from the home. But in some cases, the downspout is too short, failing to release the water far enough from the home. Instead of flowing away, it pools by the base of your house, leaking down to the foundations and potentially causing damage. If there is a size issue, the structure may need replacement or an extension installation. 

3. Connection

Both gutters and downspouts are annexed to your home via casings that keep it securely in place, but after enough wear and tear, these fixtures can become loose or even disconnected. Without the superstructure in place, the water may spill out of your gutter if it’s at an awkward angle. Similarly, the downspout may become positioned poorly, so it sends liquid in the wrong direction. With a quick visit from a gutter service expert, you should get everything realigned with ease. 

If you think your gutters and downspouts may not operate efficiently, reach out to Woodruff Roofing & Exterior. The roofing experts will either perform a repair or offer a full gutter replacement. You can discuss your options with a friendly staff member from this gutter service by calling (314) 593-0405 or visiting them online

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