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3 Benefits of Using Bunk Beds in Kids' Rooms June 20, 2018

Havelock, Lincoln
3 Benefits of Using Bunk Beds in Kids' Rooms, Lincoln, Nebraska
A kid’s bedroom is a place to dream, play, and find respite from the outside world. One of the most popular pieces of furniture that can help expand their imagination—and available floor space—are bunk beds. As the area's premier provider of quality and beautiful used furniture, Salvage Warehouse in Lincoln and Grand Island, NE, offers a variety of bunk bed styles. Here, the locally-owned firm shares some benefits your kids will enjoy from the switch.

3 Benefits of Bunk Beds for Kids

Build Sibling Connections

Bunk beds are ideal for strengthening the bond between siblings, especially those who are close in age. From sharing conversations to playing video games, the furniture arrangement creates endless opportunities for closeness.

Saves Space

used furnitureAnother benefit of bunk beds is the space they provide. Parents and guardians love the extra room to accommodate other new and used furniture pieces such as nightstands, dresser drawers, and shelves. Kids love the additional floor space to move around, read, and dance without feeling cramped.

Accommodates Guests

Even for only children, bunk beds are ideal for hosting overnight friends. Air mattresses don’t offer the comfort of a bed, and if you purchase from a used furniture store, your bunks may not be more expensive than most deluxe air mattresses. Also, parents will love not having to relinquish the living room for sleepovers.
Aside from these benefits, bunk beds are just plain fun. If you're ready to update your kids’ furniture, stop by Salvage Warehouse today for the latest inventory. They sell affordable used furniture for every room in your home, and it’s always in beautiful condition. To ask about items in stock, call (402) 466-8294 in Lincoln or (402) 420-0708 in Grand Island. Visit the website for information on products and delivery services.
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