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3 Common Fourth of July Pet Dangers June 22, 2018

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3 Common Fourth of July Pet Dangers, High Point, North Carolina

The Fourth of July is a festive holiday; from cookouts to fireworks, there are several ways to celebrate this occasion. However, the veterinarians at High Point Veterinary Hospital in North Carolina caution that there are some pet hazards to know about in preparation for your Fourth of July celebrations. While you’re enjoying the holiday, watch out for the following precarious pet situations.

Holiday Pet Dangers & How to Protect Against Them

1. Fireworks

veterinarianFireworks can have numerous negative emotional and physical effects on your pet. Many pets are scared by the loud booms fireworks give off, which may cause them to withdraw, shake, and panic. Keep your pets in a room far away from any fireworks you may be shooting off, or keep them in their crate to help them feel safe.

Additionally, avoid having pets near firework displays, as they could eat some of the product or be burnt by the firework. If your pet ingests or is burnt by a firework, contact your veterinarian immediately.

2. Food

It can be tempting to give your furry friend a tasty human treat when you’re celebrating, but several foods are hazardous to your pet’s health. Steer clear of fake sugars, avocado, alcohol, onions, garlic, and caffeine to keep your pet healthy and happy this Fourth of July. These items can have adverse effects on your pet, from digestive issues to organ damage.

3. Heat

The Fourth of July usually brings warm temperatures, which is why it’s crucial to ensure your pet has plenty of water and only spends short periods outside. Because of their fur, animals can easily overheat. If you notice your pet panting or acting lethargic, take them inside and let them cool off. If their symptoms don’t improve, call your veterinarian.

The last thing you want is for celebrations to be brought to a halt when your beloved pet experiences a health scare. The veterinarians at High Point Veterinary Hospital provide attentive and compassionate care for your animal companions. They are knowledgeable in all aspects of pet health, including emotional and physical, and can provide tips on keeping your pet safe for every holiday. To learn more about this practice and the services they offer, call (336) 889-3832 or visit their website.

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