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5 Items to Never Put Down Your Garbage Disposal June 8, 2018

Naples, Ontario
5 Items to Never Put Down Your Garbage Disposal , Naples, New York

Despite its name, your kitchen sink’s garbage disposal isn’t equipped to handle all trash. In fact, only edible items should ever go down your disposal; even those should be put down the drain sparingly. When you use your garbage disposal as intended, you can protect your system and prolong the lifespan of your plumbing.

5 Items Your Plumbing Can’t Handle

1. Oil 

You’ve probably heard that you shouldn’t dump oil, grease, or grime down your sink or garbage disposal. However, some people let it occasionally slide, which can lead to a serious problem. Oil will cling to the sides of the pipes, likely causing a clog. Protect your plumbing when you let the oil congeal before tossing it in the trash.

2. Bones

Chicken bones, ribs, fish bones, you name it — no animal bones belong down the garbage disposal. They will most likely get caught in the blades or spin round continually. If they make it down to the disposal, they are too solid to safely make it through the rest of your plumbing system.  

plumbing3. Egg Shells

Egg shells are another hard item that can clog the disposal. Like oil, the eggs’ sticky membranes can also cling to the blades and pipes, leading to system backups.

4. Seeds & Pits

Seeds and the pits of plums, cherries, and mangoes do not belong in the drain. The same goes for the cores of apples or tough banana and orange shells. These items are too hearty to break down quickly and will inevitably lead to plumbing issues.

5. Coffee Grinds

Compost your coffee grinds; don’t put them down the garbage disposal. While they may appear to slide down your disposal with ease, they will create a thick layer that leads to clogs because they are grainy and do not dissolve.


Protect your garbage disposal by taking excellent care of your system. When you need plumbing support in the Naples, NY, area, look no further than Valley Mechanical. For nearly two decades, the experienced technicians have offered prompt, reliable garbage disposal repairs, sewer snaking, and emergency services that locals rely on. For more information about the plumbing and HVAC professionals, visit the website. To schedule a repair or inspection, call today at (585) 374-6866.

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