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3 Types of Steel Commonly Used for Building Construction June 12, 2018

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3 Types of Steel Commonly Used for Building Construction, Wood, Missouri

When it comes to building fabrication, steel has much to offer. Unlike wood and concrete, it is much more resistant to fires and natural disasters such as earthquakes. This metal alloy is also a lot more cost-effective in many cases, especially in terms of routine maintenance. When constructing a building, the following steel products tend to offer the biggest benefit and are becoming more and more common in building fabrication as a result.  

Building Basics: 3 Types of Steel Commonly Used for Construction

1. Structural Steel

There are a few different types of structural steel, each of which offers distinct benefits. Channel beams feature top and bottom flanges that give them their distinct C-shape. They’re usually used for things like bridges or piers but can also be useful for residential construction. When it comes to enhanced load-bearing capacity, T-beams are a good option. There are also structural steel pipes, hollow steel sections, and even custom shapes made to building specifications.

2. Carbon Steels

SteelCarbon steels can be high or low depending on the percentage of carbon present. With low carbon steel, creating specific forms is fairly easy, although the tensile strength can be lower than average. Conversely, steels with a higher percentage of carbon are much stronger overall, which is why they’re commonly used for high-strength wires and springs.

3. Rebar

When concrete is used during construction rebar is often introduced to reinforce it. It is typically created from carbon steel and has ridges that help it anchor itself within concrete. Rebar can also be coated with epoxy, which is useful when corrosion is an issue. Other types of rebar include welded wire fabric, galvanized rebar, and polymer rebar, which is reinforced with glass fiber.


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