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4 Reasons to Invest in Regular Oil Changes June 18, 2018

Columbia, Boone
4 Reasons to Invest in Regular Oil Changes , Columbia, Missouri

Auto maintenance can be easy to forget sometimes, but one thing you should never neglect is an oil change. Overlooking it has costly and far-reaching effects on your car’s vital components. To illustrate the necessity of regular oil changes, here’s a guide outlining what happens when you go for extended periods without taking action. 

4 Benefits of Auto Oil Changes

1. Improved Gas Mileage 

As oil deteriorates, the engine works harder because its pistons and other components aren’t properly lubricated. This makes it burn more gasoline, lowering your mileage. Gas can be expensive, but investing in regular oil changes shoulders some of this burden by making your engine more efficient.

2. Increased Engine Life 

oil changeYour engine oil collects dirt and metal filings, which eventually lead to wear and tear. The more viscous the oil becomes, the harder it is to pump through your engine. By providing clean oil, you avoid needing a replacement or having its pistons freeze up on you. 

3. Cools Off Engine 

Engines create an enormous amount of heat during the combustion process. Your engine oil and coolant are what help it maintain the proper temperatures when running. More friction to its pistons and parts caused by sludgy engine oil results in added heat, which can result in an overheated engine. 

4. Helps Maintain Resale Value

Properly servicing your engine doesn’t just improve its performance; it also increases your car’s value if you eventually decide to sell it. When you give it regular maintenance and provide paperwork to this effect when selling it, you can negotiate a better price with buyers. 


If it's time for a tuneup and oil change, visit Privitt Auto Service Center in Columbia, MO. For more than 50 years, they’ve provided drivers in the Boone County area with exceptional car care. They’re equipped to perform repairs and replace brake pads and also have a host of auto parts available on site. Call them at (573) 449-7941, or visit the website for a closer look at what they do. 

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