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5 Vehicle Maintenance Tips to Remember This Summer June 11, 2018

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5 Vehicle Maintenance Tips to Remember This Summer, Columbia, Missouri

Summer is the ideal time for road trips and family vacations. But the season also brings high temperatures, occasional rain showers, and dirt buildup that can take a toll on your vehicle. That’s why you should make time to have your car checked and prepared for long drives. Privitt Auto Service Center, a leading car repair shop in Columbia, MO, shares a few maintenance tips to help you avoid sudden breakdowns and other vehicle issues.

Car Repair Specialist’s Guide to Summer Auto Care

1. Keep the Engine Cool

Highcar repair temperatures make the vehicle’s engine heat up faster. And with a failing cooling system, overheating can lead to breakdowns and sometimes, costly car repair. To keep your engine cool, check your coolant levels regularly. Top off the reservoir every couple of weeks, and watch out for leaks by inspecting hoses for any cracking or soft spots.  

2. Ensure the Right Fluid Levels

Seasonal changes often result in lower fluid levels, increasing the likelihood of an automotive malfunction. In addition to your coolant, check your transmission, brake, and windshield washer fluids, as well as your motor oil. Have the filters checked, and switch to a thicker type of motor oil in the summer for better engine protection and lubrication.

3. Monitor Tire Pressure

Depending on the outdoor temperatures, your tires can either lose or gain pressure, which leads to improper inflation and uneven wear. Monitor and inflate your tires correctly to prevent blowouts while you’re driving under sweltering heat. You can find your car manufacturer’s recommendation in the driver’s side door or glove compartment.

4. Test the Battery

Summer heat speeds up the evaporation of fluid and leads to faster corrosion on terminals and connections which can result in battery failure. Avoid getting stuck with a vehicle that won’t start by having your battery tested. Recharge it if necessary, and refill its fluid as well.

5. Have Your Air Conditioning Checked

In the heat of the summer, you’ll need your car’s air conditioner more than ever. Have it cleaned and inspected to ensure comfortable traveling, and see if it can maintain the interior temperature. Inspect and replace the filters if needed.

If you need excellent car repair and maintenance service, turn to Privitt Auto Service Center. With more than 45 years of automotive experience, this company can handle a wide range of vehicle issues, from a simple oil change to suspension repair and emissions tests. Give them a call at (573) 449-7941 for more information or visit the website.

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