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3 Tips for Helping Someone Transition to Assisted Living June 7, 2018

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3 Tips for Helping Someone Transition to Assisted Living, North Bend, Washington

Change can be particularly challenging for seniors, even if it’s a change for their benefit. For example—moving out of their home and into an assisted living community is a momentous transition that your loved one may have some trouble with at first. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to help them adjust to life at Red Oak Residence in North Bend, WA, so they can freely enjoy all the benefits the retirement home has to offer.

Strategies for an Easy Adjustment to Assisted Living

1. Personalize the Apartmentassisted living

When they move into their new space, it may feel generic. Bringing their belongings to make the room their own helps it feel more like home than a hotel room. Bring some framed photos of their loved ones and any of their favorite décor items from home. If they need anything new for their space, make a day out of taking them shopping so they can pick out items that will make them happy every day. Even the small touches make a substantial difference.

2. Stay Connected

A big reason seniors may be worried about moving into a nursing home is the feeling that they will be alone. Make it clear that moving into the home is simply best for their health and maintaining a better lifestyle, and that it won’t impact how often they can see friends and family. Visit the home often. Provide them the means they need to maintain their independence if it is safe to do so. For example, if they can still drive safely, giving them a car lets them get out to see their old friends and frequent their favorite places.

3. Enjoy the Community

While maintaining their old life outside of the senior living community makes the transition easier, they’ll never fully enjoy living there until they take advantage of everything the community has to offer. Help them make social connections by taking them around to meet their neighbors; even one great friendship will make a significant impact on their enjoyment of the place. Encourage them to participate in the activities the community hosts.

The staff at Red Oak Residence works to make the transition to assisted living as easy as possible. Their community offers comfortable apartments, along with the recreation and socializing your senior loved one needs to enjoy everyday life. Contact them at (425) 888-7108 to talk about making your loved one’s senior days a time they will truly enjoy while they receive the care they need.

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