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5 Best Practices Before a Residential Roofing Installation June 12, 2018

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5 Best Practices Before a Residential Roofing Installation, Rochester, New York

While the actual work of installing new residential roofing is best left to professional builders, there are several tasks you can complete to expedite the process. Here, the roofing contractors at Gerlach Home Improvements in Rochester, NY, share a few tips to help the project go smoothly. 

What to Do Before a Residential Roofing Installation

1. Trim the Grass

Throughout the residential roof installation, bits of material will land in the yard. If the grass is too long, it can hide the potentially sharp shingles and nails, which can prolong the cleanup and endanger your family. 

2. Bring Tarps to the Attic

If you have any possessions in the attic, cover them before work begins. With all the construction, dirt and detritus may come down from above. The tarps will protect your items from getting dirty. 

3. Talk to Your Neighbors

residential roofingTo maintain friendly relations with the people living next door, let them know you’ll be having work done on the house and what the schedule will be like. This way, you’ll give them an opportunity to be elsewhere if they don’t want to deal with the noise. 

4. Move the Cars

Before any work begins, the roofer needs a clear lane and a wide berth to drive up to the house. Park your vehicles elsewhere or on the street for the duration of the construction. If the cars are in the way, they could block the contractors from unloading key roofing materials. 

5. Free Up the Nearest Outlets

Installing a new roof requires power tools, so the contractor will ask you for access to an outlet or two. Before they arrive, identify the nearest options and remove your plugs to give the roofers enough space to work. 

To start a residential roofing project, contact Gerlach Home Improvements. They have been providing new siding and roof installations for 42 years. Their crew also offers outdoor painting services to further update the home’s exterior. Call (585) 381-5547 or visit their website to learn more about their team.

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