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3 Common Misconceptions About Waxing June 7, 2018

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3 Common Misconceptions About Waxing, Hampstead, North Carolina

Getting a wax is a highly effective way to remove unwanted hair. Though this treatment is popular at beauty salons across the country, numerous myths about the process still abound. Allow the experts at Brow to Toe Waxing and Skin Care Studio in Hampstead, NC, to bust three surprisingly common misconceptions about waxing.

3 Waxing Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

1. It’s Incredibly Painful

Many people avoid getting a wax because they’re worried about how much it will hurt. However, the amount of discomfort you feel depends on the esthetician, the type of wax they use, and your pain tolerance. Experienced specialists know how to remove hair without causing clients undue pain. Although the process is a bit uncomfortable, it will all be over quickly.

2. You Won’t Get Ingrown Hairs

waxMany believe waxing prevents ingrown hairs. However, they may still occur, just as they can with shaving or plucking. The professional who waxes you will likely recommend gentle remedies, such as light exfoliation, to remove ingrown hairs.

3. Results Last for Months

Although waxing does effectively remove hair (and you may even find you have less over time), it grows back faster than many people realize. Generally, experts recommend booking an appointment at the salon every three to four weeks for the best results.

If you’re ready to ditch the daily shaves, see the professionals at Brow to Toe Waxing and Skin Care Studio. Their team of expert estheticians uses only the highest-quality wax products and has years of experience ensuring customers are as comfortable as possible. In addition, they offer oxygen facials, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, and more to help you look and feel your best. To schedule an appointment, call (910) 650-4273. To learn more about their offerings, visit their website.

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