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How to Pick the Right Golf Clubs June 7, 2018

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How to Pick the Right Golf Clubs, Manhattan, New York

There are several golf club styles made to improve accuracy, shot distance, and a golfer’s ability to hit from any terrain. The clubs you choose depend on your goals and current ability. Here, the experts at New York Golf Center provide purchasing tips so you can see more success on the greens. The NYC-based golf shop sells high-performance golf equipment to players of all capabilities.

A Golfer's Guide to Choosing Clubs

Determine the Best Shaft Flex

The amount of shaft flex — the degree to which the club bends — you need depends on your skill level. “Senior” and “ladies” golf clubs typically offer the most bend while others range from “regular” to “extra stiff.” The faster your golf swing, the stiffer your club should be. If you have a fast swing and use a flexible club, you will not be able to control the ball’s direction.

Mind the Gap

golf clubsPurchase irons in several styles so you can better control your shot’s distance and loft. Also, compare the longest golf club you are considering with the second-longest — such as a fairway iron — as well as the shortest iron to get an idea of what you are comfortable with. Most club gaps are between 10 and 15 yards.

Experiment With Hollow Body, Wood, & Hybrid Clubs

Hollow-body golf clubs are similar to hybrids — a wood and iron combination — because they allow you to hit the ball further and increase playability. Their heads usually feature springy steel pieces as well. Fairway woods are helpful when you are playing into the wind, your lie is sufficient, and there is space to let the ball roll. Hybrids, on the other hand, offer superior versatility since you can use them off a tee, fairway, or rough. Experiment with these three options to determine which suits your playing style.

Whenever you’re unsure regarding club sizes and styles, it’s helpful to consult with an expert. Customize your golf clubs with fitting services from New York Golf Center. Their professional team will size your clubs based on your height and playing ability for more efficient swings. Call the golf shop at (212) 564-0078 — Herald Square — or (212) 242-8899 —Chelsea Piers — today with your questions or visit the website for inventory and discount information.

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