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What Is an Access Control System? June 7, 2018

Fairfield, Butler
What Is an Access Control System?, Fairfield, Ohio

If you own a business, you need the security provided by an access control system. This can be as simple as a lock and key, or as complex as biometric sensors granting multiple levels of access to different employees and individuals. Learn more about the security possibilities below.

What Is It?

Access ControlAccess control is exactly what it sounds like: It is a system designed to dictate or monitor who has access to certain areas and resources. A password or fingerprint lock on your phone is an access control system. A simple lock on your door is also a very basic example, as only someone holding a key can gain access. However, modern systems can be much more complex and versatile, reducing the possibility of a security failure due to a lost key.

What Types Are Available?

Today, you can have your locksmith install several different types of access control systems for building security. Some forms use key codes, wireless remotes, or card readers to determine who should be allowed access to your facility and, potentially, to different areas inside. Other modern solutions can read fingerprints, be voice activated, or use retinal or iris scans. While they may sound like science fiction, each of these high-security access control systems can be used to limit access to a list of specific, approved individuals.

You can also use these same access control technologies to monitor and manage computer access. Using this security, it is possible to reserve certain files or data for only specific individuals or roles within your organization. This is especially beneficial when dealing with confidential or proprietary information.


If you’re interested in access control solutions for your building, call Central Safe & Lock in Fairfield, OH. They have 20 years’ experience and expertise in locks and security, and provide a full range of low- and high-tech options to keep your home or business secure. To learn more, contact them today at (513) 887-1870 or online.

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