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A Guide to Removing Scuff Marks From Hardwood Floors June 7, 2018

Providence, Providence, RI
A Guide to Removing Scuff Marks From Hardwood Floors, Providence, Rhode Island

Moving heavy furniture can damage your hardwood floors, affecting their smooth and glossy finish. While deeper scratches and dents may warrant professional repairs, scuff marks can usually be removed in a few simple steps. This handy guide will help you take care of light surface scrapes and restore your floors to their original glory.

How to Eliminate Scuff Marks From Hardwood Floors

1. Know the Finish Type

For effective repairs, it’s important to figure out the type of finish your wood flooring has. Use an acetone-based nail polish remover in a hidden corner of the room to gain insight. The chemical will be effective on shellac, varnish, and wax, but won’t affect polyurethane surfaces. Once you have the answer, you can purchase the right products to address the problem.

2. Clean the Spot

Hardwood FloorsTry some common household cleaning techniques to see if you can remove the scuff mark without chemical products. Start with wiping the affected area with a damp washcloth and dry up excess moisture. If that doesn't work, apply pressure with a damp sponge and wipe the surface dry to see if it worked.

3. Apply Products

If gentle cleaning with water bears no result, it’s time to take your scuff removal techniques to the next level. Homeowners with wax floors can use a light coat of paste wax finish to handle these scrapes. Another option is to soak the marks in a vinegar-based solution and wipe them up with a soft sponge. Polyurethane floors may require a simple scrubbing with pencil eraser to level out any damage. 

4. Take Care of Scratch Marks

If the scuff spots are accompanied by scratches, simply apply a matching touchup stick or pen on the affected area. The stick works like a crayon and buffs out the scratch, while the pen helps apply a light coat of stain. Don't worry if the colors aren't an exact match, as they can easily camouflage in the variety of shades hardwood flooring typically sports.


Proper maintenance is key to keep your hardwood floors looking as good as new. For the most reliable wood flooring repair and refinishing services, turn to the experts at American Floors. They have served residents throughout Rhode Island and Southern Massachusetts with top-quality hardwood flooring installation and restoration solutions. For further information about their services, call (401) 433-0530 or visit their website.

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