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A Simple Guide to Types of Teeth June 7, 2018

Trempealeau, Trempealeau
A Simple Guide to Types of Teeth , Trempealeau, Wisconsin

Every adult has a total of 32 teeth. As you inspect your smile, you’ll notice there are a variety of shapes and that each tooth has a different purpose. During visits to your family dentist, knowing the condition of every tooth and problem areas can be helpful in maintaining excellent oral health. In preparation for your next dentist visit, here’s a rundown of three kinds of teeth and their functions. 

3 Different Kinds of Teeth

1. Canines

DentistEvery individual has a total of four canines, two on the top and two on the bottom. They are located on each side of the lower and upper incisors. These teeth serve an incredibly important purpose. With their sharp points, they are integral in helping you bite into food. These teeth also support your lips, help with pronunciation, and guide your upper and lower jaw together when you bite down. With such an important role, always seek the assistance of a dentist if you’re experiencing pain in your canines. 

2. Incisors

Your incisors are the most prominent teeth as they are in the front. When discussing teeth whitening service, these are typically the teeth patients want to brighten up as they are the primary part of your smile. They also help you bite into food and pronounce words. 

3. Molars

Molars take up the majority of your mouth, with a total of six in the upper jaw and six in the lower jaw. These wide, flat teeth are primarily used to chew food. As such, flossing is imperative to ensure food particles don’t get lodged between teeth leading to gum problems and decay. 


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