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5 Factors That Affect Excavating Costs June 13, 2018

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5 Factors That Affect Excavating Costs, Kodiak, Alaska

Excavation is necessary on a variety of projects, including installing building foundations, basements, septic systems, and roads, but how much should it cost? Well, it depends. Excavation companies will provide quotes that take many factors into account. If you’re looking for someone to perform quality excavating for your project, understand there are many aspects that can impact the price.

5 Factors That Affect Excavating Costs

1. The Location of Your Project

Excavation companies aren’t located in all areas, which means the one you hire might have to pay for travel expenses if your site is far from its main service area. Soil also varies by climate and region, and soft soil is easier and less costly to excavate. If your site contains hard or stony soil, expect to pay more for the equipment needed. 

2. The Type of Project

excavatingExcavating two acres worth of land to install a road will cost more than excavating to install a backyard swimming pool. Different types of projects require different processes, equipment, and time, all of which will be considered when a company provides their estimate.

3. The Time of Year

Depending on your location, the season will affect the cost of your excavation. The best weather for excavating is mild and warm. Excavation companies in Hawaii are generally busy year-round because of the state’s agreeable climate, but summer and spring are the busiest times for excavation companies in Alaska. 

4. How Quickly You Need the Work Done

Many excavating companies plan their schedules around numerous projects each year, and you might have to wait for their availability.  If you require a faster turnaround, you might have to inquire with multiple excavators before finding one who can do the work. 

5. The Type of Equipment & Labor Needed

Each company has its own method of calculating how many workers and hours will be needed for a project. The type of equipment and processes required will also impact your costs. 


Golden Alaska Excavating specializes in excavating projects for both individual homeowners and large municipalities in Alaska. Their licensed and insured crew will help prepare sites to install such items as water lines, drainage systems, septic tanks, and foundations. Call (907) 539-6490 or visit their website to get a free estimate today.

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