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3 Common Door Lock Issues to Keep on Your Radar June 7, 2018

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3 Common Door Lock Issues to Keep on Your Radar, Preston, Connecticut

From wiggling keys to pressing on door handles, people use all sorts of techniques to open temperamental locks. According to the door lock repair technicians at A Scalia Lock & Key, in Quaker Hill, CT, most homeowners don't think of fixing these minor inconveniences until they can't gain access in or out of doors. To reduce the likelihood of experiencing an unexpected lockout, below, New London County’s premier door lock repair professionals share three common concerns to keep on your radar. 

What Door Lock Problems Should be Addressed Immediately?

1. Stuck Locks

Quaker-Hill-Connecticut-door-lock-repairFrom dirt to pocket lint and hand lotion, house keys can end up covered in all sorts of grime. Each time you put the key in the lock, debris can get left behind. Over time, the gunk buildup can cause the lock’s internal mechanisms to jam. Damaged latches and bolts can also result in lock jams. To prevent further damage to the hardware, have a door lock repair specialist fix the broken components immediately. If dirt buildup is causing the problem, use a lubricant to clean and clear the keyway. 

2. Loose Cylinder

If you put the key in the lock and the entire cylinder turns, call a door lock repair expert immediately. A loose cylinder is easy for potential intruders to pry open, allowing them access to your space. If the cylinder turns, chances are the key won’t work to open or close the lock either. In most instances, a damaged or wobbly set screw is to blame for the malfunction. Professionals have the equipment to access the screws for your particular model lock and provide the proper repairs.   

3. Key Stuck in Lock

If the key gets stuck in the lock or breaks off inside of it, you won’t be able to secure the door until the issue is fixed. Depending on where the key is lodged in the lock, internal components might also be damaged. Taking the entire fixture apart will shed light on the severity of the issue and whether lock repair or replacement is in order.

If you are experiencing one of the above door lock issues or an additional concern, trust the professionals at A Scalia Lock & Key to find a permanent solution to your problem. Apart from fixing your current locks, they will also install state-of-the-art upgrades to make your space more secure. To make a door lock repair appointment in Waterford or the surrounding communities, call (860) 444-6822 to speak with an associate. Visit the locksmith online to discover the many ways they will help in an emergency.

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