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4 Chainsaws That Can Simplify Your Landscaping June 12, 2018

Wentzville, St. Charles
4 Chainsaws That Can Simplify Your Landscaping, Wentzville, Missouri

If you’re trying to maintain your home’s landscaping on your own, one of the most important pieces of equipment you need to have is a chainsaw. It is essential in trimming and pruning tree branches and cutting down trees. Several types of chainsaws are available, each differing in their uses and power sources.

4 Types of Chainsaws & Their Benefits

1. Electric Chainsaw

If you have relatively small trees, or if you don’t plan to trim or prune on a regular basis, you should get an electric chainsaw. These are plugged into electric outlets and are not equipped with engines, which means they won’t produce exhaust fumes and are less noisy than gas-powered variants. The drawback is that they are also significantly less powerful.

2. Gas-Powered Chainsaw

chainsawsGas-powered chainsaws are the ones used by most professional tree service providers. These heavy-duty mechanical saws are usually equipped with two-stroke engines that can spin the blades at a rate rapid enough to easily cut through thick tree trunks and branches. However, they are heavier and noisier than the alternatives.

3. Battery-Powered Chainsaw

This type of chainsaw is similar to the electric model, but they can be powered by a battery pack, giving you the freedom to move around untethered. While they may be useful in trimming hedges and bushes, they are even less powerful than their corded counterpart, so you shouldn’t choose one if you intend to work on big trees.

4. Pole Saw

Pole saws can be corded, gasoline-powered, or battery-powered. What sets them apart is that you can attach a long metal pole to them to reach high-hanging branches. These poles may be telescopic or have attachments, which means you can extend them to a range of lengths. They are a good option for all-around use.


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