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Who Needs a Commercial Auto Insurance Policy? June 7, 2018

Crocker Park, Westlake
Who Needs a Commercial Auto Insurance Policy?, Westlake, Ohio

Company-owned vehicles and licensed drivers might be crucial components of your business, but they also put you at risk of sudden losses that could force you to close. It only takes a single lawsuit caused by an accident to put you out of business, which is why a sound commercial auto insurance policy is so important. These policies offer essential coverage, shielding you from property damage and liability for expensive legal settlements. 

When You Need Commercial Auto Insurance

Your Employees Drive Company Vehicles

If your workers are behind the wheel of a company-owned vehicle, you can be held financially responsible for any damage they cause, even if you weren’t there. A commercial auto insurance policy will pay for any injuries or property damage resulting from an accident caused by one of your employees and will cover losses due to theft or vandalism.

You Use Your Own Vehicle for Work

commercial auto insuranceMany drivers are surprised to find that their personal auto insurance won’t cover incidents that occur while you’re using your own vehicle for work. If you’re using your car to deliver goods, give people rides, or perform a service, you’ll likely need commercial auto insurance coverage.

You Haul Tools or a Trailer

Landscapers, construction contractors, and many other business owners have to drive around with a large number of tools or use a trailer to haul their equipment. Because these items are heavy, they might cause more damage if you’re involved in an accident. Commercial insurance usually has higher liability limits to cover these incidents, and may also cover your valuable business property.


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