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Having Your Home Remodeled? Here's What to Expect June 13, 2018

Anchorage, Anchorage County
Having Your Home Remodeled? Here's What to Expect, Anchorage, Alaska

Home remodeling is experiencing a rise in demand due to popular television shows and channels dedicated to home improvement, but real-life home renovations aren’t all big reveals and painting montages. According to the contractors at Mountain Ridge Construction of Anchorage, AK, the best renovations start with homeowners who are well-prepared for the process. Here’s their advice on what to expect when you’re adding to or remodeling your home.

What to Expect During Home Remodeling 

1. New People in Your Home

Any home additions or remodels you’re planning will likely require the work of more than just your chosen general contractor. Many projects need a team of hired hands, along with specialists like electricians and plumbers. This means getting used to having multiple people going in and out of your home every day, as well as providing those people with bathrooms and space to work.

2. Loud Construction Sounds

If you work from home or have kids who take naps, you’ll want to find somewhere else to be while your home remodeling crew is in. Power tools like nail guns and electric sanders are never quiet, and workers often find themselves having to shout to be heard over the noise. Take this as an opportunity to visit nearby relatives or friends during the day or to find a new favorite coffee shop to work in.

3. Unexpected Costs & Delays

home remodelingWhen a faucet head arrives weeks late or an electrician discovers that your home’s wiring needs to be redone, both your project timeline and your budget will have to include some wiggle room. To counteract the unexpected, plan for a project completion date that’s a few weeks behind your preferred schedule, and allocate about an extra 20% of your total estimated cost for possible issues. 

4. A Sense of Satisfaction

It’s not uncommon for homeowners to have ups and downs during a remodel, but it’s how you feel at the end that matters. Be prepared to want to show off your new home additions or renovations the first chance you get — you can even have friends over for a reveal party if you don’t feel like waiting.

There are plenty of tasks you can do to prepare for your home remodeling project, but the most important is to find a contractor you trust. Mountain Ridge Construction has the tools and expertise to keep your project affordable and on schedule, while providing exceptional customer service. They offer a variety of home improvement solutions, from windows and siding to concrete paving. Call (907) 351-6403 to schedule your free pricing estimate today, or visit their website for further details on their services.