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Everything You Should Know About Fat Transfer June 21, 2018

Chelsea, Manhattan
Everything You Should Know About Fat Transfer, Manhattan, New York

If you can’t get rid of stubborn fat or want to have more fullness in certain areas, you might be considering a few different cosmetic options. Fat transfer, also known as fat injection, is a procedure that’s been around for more than two decades. It removes fat from one area and places it in another place where the patient wants a fuller look. Here is a brief guide to this procedure and what you should know. 

What Is Fat Transfer?

This treatment fills in hollow areas of the body and gives them a fuller appearance. The doctor will remove fat from one area of the body—typically from the lower abdomen region via a micro-liposuction technique. From there, the fat is harvested and concentrated, then re-injected to the hips and buttocks areas.

What Are the Benefits?

fat transferFor many patients, this procedure lasts longer than other types of fillers. While there can be bruising and a few days of recovery time, this option provides long-lasting results. Doctors can sculpt and contour the body to enhance your figure exactly how you want it. Patients can also stay awake during the procedure, so they don’t have to be placed under anesthesia. 

How Can I Maintain the Results?

Always follow recovery instructions to ensure everything remains the same. If possible, keep your weight consistent as weight loss or gain can cause the fat to transfer to other areas. Your doctor will also provide specific instructions to keep your figure looking its best. 


If you’re interested in fat transfer or other types of cosmetics surgeries, visit the team at NY Beauty Surgeon in Manhattan. Their surgeons offer a variety of services from butt augmentation to tummy tucks and liposuction. Their team will help with all your cosmetic needs. To learn more about the fat transfer process, visit them online. Call (212) 695-1999 to set up a consultation.

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