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4 Popular Forms of Kubeh June 6, 2018

Chelsea, Manhattan
4 Popular Forms of Kubeh, Manhattan, New York

Made from ground meat, bulgur, and various vegetables and spices, kubeh is a dish that’s commonly found throughout the Middle East. It’s known by numerous names such as “kibbeh,” “kubbeh,” “kebbah,” and “kubbah” and has numerous preparation styles. Here, you’ll learn about four ways of serving kubeh.

How Kubeh Is Commonly Served

1. Fried

The perfect quick meal, fried kubeh is similar to a dumpling in that it has a doughy shell and savory fillings. The shell can either be made primarily of bulgur — a whole grain wheat that’s been parboiled and cracked — or a combination of ground meat and bulgur. As for the fillings, they can be made of vegetables, meat, fish, rice, or any combination of these.

2. In Broth

kubehKubeh served in broth is also dumpling-like. The initial preparation is similar to the aforementioned, but instead of being fried, it’s usually cooked in the broth or baked and added to it upon serving. The broth can range from a light chicken soup to a sharp, tomato-based one.

3. Baked

Baked kubeh is essentially a layered casserole. The dumpling-like components are still used as the layers alternate between the bulgur “shell” mixture and the stir-fried filling. However, sweeter flavors — like raisins and pine nuts — can also be used instead.

4. Raw

Typically made with beef or lamb tartare, raw kubeh involves mixing the meat, bulgur, vegetables, and spices together. It’s usually plated as a single mound rather than individual dumplings. If you aren’t a carnivore, there are some vegetarian options that use pureed tomatoes or lentils instead of meat.


If you’re in New York’s West Village and have a hankering for this dish or other delicious Middle Eastern food, head to Kubeh. Whether you’re a meat-lover or vegetarian, this restaurant will have a kubeh option for you. You can learn more about their options online, and if you’re ready to try some, call (646) 448-6688 to book a reservation. They also welcome walk-ins, so don't hesitate to stop by.

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