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4 Reasons Your Hair May Be Thinning July 5, 2019

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4 Reasons Your Hair May Be Thinning, Rochester, New York

Did you know that your actions could be causing your hair to thin? Your habits — from styling preferences to the foods you eat — can cause your hair to thin over time and may lead to hair loss if you’re not careful. The hair restoration experts at New U in Rochester, NY, know that thinning hair can be heartbreaking. That’s why they offer the following information to ensure their clients don’t unknowingly contribute to hair thinning.

Why Hair Thins, According to a Hair Restoration Clinic

1. Experiencing Excessive Weight Loss

The foods you eat provide nutrition to your body. This includes your hair, which must be nourished properly to stay thick and luxuriously. When you diet excessively, your hair will often pay the price. For people who chronically diet, this could result in hair loss. A balanced diet packed with vitamins and minerals is your best bet to keep your hair healthy.

2. Pulling Your Hair Back in a Tight Bun

hair restorationToo much tension can also harm your hair. If you’re a fan of ultra-tight ponytails and buns, you may want to rethink these styles before you damage your hair follicles. Try to wear your hair down as much as possible, and never sleep in a hair band — you could pull out hair while you toss and turn.

3. Using Too Much Heat

Using too much heat is another styling faux pas. Hot blow dryers and curling irons can also deprive hair of nutrients, which means your locks will be more prone to breakage. Try to stick to cool settings or let your hair air dry. And, always handle wet hair with care.

4. Applying Certain Hairsprays & Gels

Alcohol can also dry out hair, and many super-hold sprays and gels contain a lot of it. These products will get stuck in your hair and make brushing or combing a nightmare. Steer clear of high-alcohol hair products in favor of natural treatments that nourish your hair.

If thinning hair is still an issue, the hair restoration team at New U can assist you. They offer numerous treatments aimed at combating hair loss and can also offer preventative measures to keep your hair healthy. Call (585) 272-7320 today to speak with a representative at this Rochester clinic. You can also learn more about their complete range of hair restoration solutions by visiting them online.

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