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Take Back Your Yard From Mosquiotoes With Help From Innovative Pest Management May 21, 2015

Southeastern Hills, Lexington-Fayette Southeast
Take Back Your Yard From Mosquiotoes With Help From Innovative Pest Management, Lexington-Fayette Southeast, Kentucky

Summertime is just around the corner! That means cookouts, gardening, and hanging out by the pool. However, along with all the great outdoor activities comes the battle with mosquitoes. Mosquitoes can leave annoying itchy bites all over your arms and legs. For some people, this absolutely ruins enjoying the outdoors. But worry not, we, at Innovative Pest Management, are here to help take back your yard.

Mosquitoes breed on roughly a 21 day cycle, so we recommend a monthly treatment to help maintain your yard throughout the warmer months. They will usually be more abundant in the areas in which they are breeding nearby. They lay their eggs in stagnate water which is gathered in clogged gutters, planter pots, tire swings, and many other items around the exterior of the home. We recommend routinely inspecting your yard to empty any long standing water.

Along with the eradication of breeding sites we offer eco-friendly barrier treatments that kill and repel mosquitoes for up to 30 days. This in conjunction with the breeding cycle is why we perform monthly treatments in our Mosquito Management Program. Rest assured knowing that we will know and perform these services safely and routinely without interfering with your schedule. All that is needed is that you remain out of the treated area for approximately an hour so that the treatment has time to dry. After which, you can return to normal activities. By taking advantage of our environmentally responsible Mosquito Program this summer, you can drastically reduce the number of these unwanted visitors and annoying bites.

While our monthly Mosquito Program is recommend for total season control, we will gladly service for individual events such as weddings, birthday parties, or any other outdoor event you want to remain mosquito free. Just give 24-48 hours’ notice and we will be there.

We, at Innovative Pest Management, have over 20 collective years of experience managing these pests. The safety of you and your family is our first priority when managing any pest. We strive to meet and exceed your expectations in all of our treatment programs. If you need help with mosquitoes, or any other pest, please call us at 859-271-8852