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5 Lawn Maintenance Tips to Prepare for Warm Weather June 8, 2018

Long Valley, Morris County
5 Lawn Maintenance Tips to Prepare for Warm Weather, Long Valley, New Jersey

With summer just around the corner, getting the landscaping ready is a critical step in preparing for warm weather. Proper lawn maintenance and care, especially after the harsh winter temperatures will keep your yard lush and green all season long. Below are five tips for readying the lawn for summer heat.

How to Prepare the Lawn for Warm Weather

1. Soil Test

Think about the right pH balance and nutrient composition when you’re preparing the landscape for high temperatures. Soil that is too acidic or contains too high an alkaline level will affect how the garden and lawn grow. Balancing it early will determine what you need for the healthiest growing season.

2. Winter Cleanup

lawn maintenanceCollect and remove large piles of dead leaves, as well as any limbs, branches, and other debris that has accumulated over the fall and winter. The tidier the landscape is, the easier it will be to reseed and let new grass sprout. You can also compost or mulch trimmings and leaves to feed the new landscaping during lawn maintenance.

3. Expert Service

Call your lawn maintenance team to make sure you are on schedule for any pre-summer cleanups and that your regular landscaping services are set. Discuss any trouble you’ve noticed or whether you want to reseed sections of grass that need revitalizing.

4. Hardscaping

Winter weather is rough on walkways and pavers. Check that there aren’t any cracks from cold temperatures and moisture. Also, look for any loose paving stones and other damage. You should keep the masonry in top shape since it’s a critical component of the yard’s overall appearance. 

5. Weed Control

Weeds grow quickly and spread swiftly. Typically, you will notice weeds throughout the landscaping before other elements have begun their life cycle. Take care of weed growth quickly. Simply pull them up so they don’t root or consider weed control services from a professional.


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