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How to Keep Your Swimming Pool Safe June 8, 2018

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How to Keep Your Swimming Pool Safe, Norwalk, Connecticut

The family swimming pool is the ideal summer destination. Games of Marco Polo and relaxing on pool floats make up fun-filled days. However, it’s crucial to take seasonal safety precautions. Protect your kids, friends, and pets by ensuring your structure is as secure as possible.

Guide to Swimming Pool Area Safety 

Covers & Fences 

Swimming PoolApproximately 10 people die per day of unintentional drowning. Unfortunately, two of them will be children. You can protect curious toddlers and playful grade school children by installing a pool cover or fence.

Families with in-ground pools benefit most from a fence that is at least 48 feet high. This prevents unauthorized entry by the most vulnerable kids and pets. A safety cover for above-ground pools stays secure while the structure is not in use. When it is time to play, adults can easily remove it. Visit your local pool store or talk to your pool installation team for more information. 

Alarms & Equipment 

Pool alarms will alert you if a human or animal falls in the water. The most high-tech types are perimeter alarms, which act as in invisible fence. Additional options include immersion alarms, gate devices, and wearable sensors. 

Increase the security of your pool with inexpensive equipment. Plastic and foam lifebuoys come with a durable rope. Shepherd’s hooks and even a cleaning net are invaluable in a drowning emergency.

Rules & Supervision 

Enforcing pool rules will keep every swimmer safe. If a child or adult is new to the water, tell them about your expectations. No one should run around the pool or swim alone.

Weak swimmers should wear floats or remain in the care of another. If you are not supervising swimming sessions, make sure the adult in charge knows how to use and locate all alarms and safety equipment. Even if you are having a barbecue or party, someone should have their attention on swimmers at all times.


Swimming should always be fun. Keep your pool enjoyable and safe by taking the appropriate precautions. Lang Pools in Norwalk, CT, is ready to advise you on pool renovation, liners, and installation. To discuss your swimming pool project with a skilled pool builder serving all of Fairfield County, CT, and Westchester County, NY, call them at (203) 846-3943. For information about their custom construction process and design services, visit their website

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