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What Makes Home Heating Oil Better Than Natural Gas? June 6, 2018

What Makes Home Heating Oil Better Than Natural Gas?, Dutchess County, New York

As a byproduct of crude oil, home heating oil is created from a mix of petroleum products and is often compared to natural gas. It is understandable that there would be some debate as to which home heating option is best. But when it comes to providing energy for cooking, lighting, and heat, oil is the superior choice. Here’s why.

Safe For Your Home & The Environment

home heating oilHeating oil is far less combustible than natural gas. Leaks are also less harmful because they do not emit carbon monoxide as gas leaks do. Better yet, oil leaks and system breakdowns are easy to notice thanks to strong odors and the presence of smoke. 

Heating oil is better for the environment, too. Properly maintained systems produce far fewer emissions than natural gas, helping you reduce your carbon footprint. Advances in technology also ensure the sustainability of this fuel.

Efficiency & Savings

Home heating oil is very efficient, as it burns at a higher temperature than natural gas. This allows you to consume less fuel and to heat the house more quickly than with natural gas. This understandably results in lower utility expenses. However, the oil itself is also typically less expensive than natural gas.

To stretch your dollar even further, furnaces that use oil also last longer. Natural gas furnaces typically only last 15 years at the most; while oil furnaces live more than twice as long with proper maintenance.


While home heating oil is a great option for powering your home, having a quality delivery team on your side is essential for enjoying comfortable living conditions throughout the year. With low discounted prices and fast service, Oil Express in Glenham, NY will ensure you always have the fuel you need for your oil heat system. Learn more about their services online or call (845) 765-8359.

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