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Get Your Kids Vaccinated at our Urgent Care Clinic Before They Head to Summer Camp! June 22, 2015

East Village, Manhattan
Get Your Kids Vaccinated at our Urgent Care Clinic Before They Head to Summer Camp!, Manhattan, New York

Now that spring is finally here, you are probably thinking about summer plans and making arrangements for your kids’ summer camp schedules. Along with going through the shopping list and buying all the required items, one more thing you should consider adding to the agenda is vacinnations. At CityMD, we offer a whole host of services, and when it comes to getting your kids ready for summer camp, we are here to help!

Ask anyone and they’ll tell you that summer camp is an enriching, fun, and worthwhile experience. But, one side of camping that isn’t as fun is the likelihood of getting injured during an outdoor activity or catching an infection or an illness from a neighboring camper. Luckily, when your child receives a vaccination, they will be protected from a wide array of dangerous and/or unpleasant illnesses, including: mumps, chicken pox, measles, hepatitis A, meningococcal disease, whopping cough, tetanus, and more.

When you meet with our friendly and knowledgeable staff, we will recommend a specific vaccine based on your child’s unique medical history, travel plans, and more. If your son or daughter is planning to head to summer camp this year, we would love to help make sure they stay healthy and happy all season long. To find out more about pre-camp vaccinations, simply fill out this registration form and drop by one of our many locations. We look forward to meeting with you!