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What Coffee Pairs Best With Your Ice Cream? December 10, 2018

Central Business District, Cincinnati
What Coffee Pairs Best With Your Ice Cream?, Cincinnati, Ohio

Selecting coffee to pair with your ice cream is all about finding flavors that complement each other. Your palate will play a major role in the selection process, and not everyone will agree. Below is a brief guide highlighting some of the most flavorful roasts that will complement the sweetness of ice cream.

Roast Level

The coffee flavor mostly comes from how long the beans are roasted. Light roasts work well with light or fruity ice creams such as vanilla bean, raspberry, or citrus flavors. Lighter roasts often have less body and a brighter flavor. Medium and dark roasts reveal chocolatey or spicy undertones that enhance decadent flavors like butter pecan and mint chocolate chip.

Coffee Varieties

Growing methods and processing in each country can contribute to the flavor of the beverage. Mexican roasts often showcase chocolate and cinnamon flavors while Kenyan coffee is more fruity and similar in taste to Guatemalan beans. Asian Pacific roasts are spicy and full of bold, earthy flavor. Ice cream flavors with similar profiles as the coffee are always a perfect pairing.

CoffeeChoose the Right Brew

Affogato is an Italian drink composed of one scoop of vanilla ice cream and topped off with a shot of espresso. There are variations of this classic treat in ice cream shops and restaurants throughout America. Espresso and cappuccino are popular drinks that are commonly paired with vanilla or other mild-flavored ice creams to provide the best of both worlds for coffee lovers and creamery aficionados.


When you want tasty coffee drinks and ice cream, stop by Buzzed Bull Creamery in Cincinnati, OH. The friendly staff creates delectable ice cream treats and milkshakes that your entire family will love. For the over 21 crowd, the creamery offers alcoholic ice cream, which is made fresh with liquid nitrogen. To learn more, visit their website or call (513) 381-2899 to place an order.

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