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3 Tips to Keep Your Finished Attic Cool This Summer June 5, 2018

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3 Tips to Keep Your Finished Attic Cool This Summer, Monroeville, Alabama

Summer is just around the corner, and the temperatures are climbing in the Gulf Coast states. Because heat rises, it will be particularly merciless if you spend time upstairs in a finished attic bedroom or living area without air conditioning. To help you beat the heat, consider these three ways to keep your attic cool this summer.

3 Ways to Help Your Attic Beat the Summer Heat

1. Change Your Roofing Materials

As you likely know, dark colors absorb heat. Thus, if your current roof is made of black or dark gray asphalt roofing shingles, your home is actively collecting warmth from the sun and radiating it into your attic room. Consider switching colors or materials. Light-colored asphalt will better reflect the light and won't absorb as much heat, while a new material like terra cotta tile can help. The curved shape of tile shingles allows air to flow below and around them, so they dissipate heat quickly. That's why they are so frequently used in Caribbean and Mediterranean architecture.

2. Add Insulation

Thoroughly insulating your attic can help you beat the heat. By increasing the home's upstairs R-value, you prevent any heat that accumulates from reaching your living space. Not only will the added insulation keep you cooler in summer, but you'll stay warmer in winter and lower your heating and air conditioning bills.

3. Add Ventilation

Air conditioningThe first two steps concentrate on reducing heat gain and preventing it from reaching your living quarters. The focus of the third step is removing the heated air from your house with proper ventilation. A roof vent lets hot air escape by convection, while an attic fan blows it out of your house with force. An experienced HVAC service can help with either option.


The tips above should help you stay comfortable even on hot days. However, if these don't quite do the trick, consider a single-room or multi-zone air conditioning system. If you're in or around Monroeville, AL, contact the experts at Conrad Watson Air Conditioning, the region's premier heating, cooling, and ventilation company for more than 40 years. Visit their website to view their service area, or call (251) 575-4196 to schedule a consultation.

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