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3 Different Kinds of Insurance Policies You Can Have June 5, 2018

Crocker Park, Westlake
3 Different Kinds of Insurance Policies You Can Have, Westlake, Ohio

From airfare to your own life, it seems like you can purchase insurance for just about anything. But some insurance policies are more common than others, and can be neatly categorized into broader categories. Jackson, Dieken & Associates, Inc. outline some of those different kinds of insurance policies below. 

Three Types of Insurance You Can Purchase

1. Health Insurance

Health insurance covers normal medical costs, pharmaceuticals, injuries, and other expenses related to your health. Due to the rising costs of healthcare, finding a good insurance policy is now more important than ever. Shopping through the Affordable Care Act’s website might not lead to the best deals or coverage, and your employer might not do better, so search through an independent insurance agency for the best deals.

2. Auto Insurance

To stay compliant with the law, every motorist on the road needs auto insurance. Additionally, having auto insurance is common sense protection for your well-being and assets. This is especially true for business owners with fleets of 18-wheelers or other commercial vehicles, which carry considerable liability concerns.

3. Property Insurance

insuranceProperty insurance protects you from losses associated with damage to your physical property and personal belongings.  Variations of property insurance include homeowner’s and renter’s policies. Both types usually cover theft up to a certain amount, but can also apply to hazardous conditions such as hail, fire, and wind. Check carefully to make sure your insurance policy provides coverage for all of the hazards you reasonably anticipate could happen to your home or possessions.

Jackson, Dieken & Associates, Inc. has been helping Greater Cleveland area residents with their insurance needs since 1990. Finding the best health, auto, or property insurance can be difficult, but with the right advisors by your side, it’s a much smoother process. For more information, visit their website or call (440) 250-6873.