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Why Your First Car Should Be Used June 6, 2018

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Why Your First Car Should Be Used, Frankfort, Kentucky

Buying your first car is an exciting event. But many prospective car owners struggle to decide whether they should splurge on a new vehicle or save money with a used car. Because each option offers its own set of benefits, it’s important to consider your needs carefully before making your decision. Here’s a more detailed look at why you should consider buying a pre-owned car for your first vehicle.

Why You Should Buy a Used Car for Your First Vehicle

Lower Price Tag

used carAs you may expect, used cars typically cost less than new ones. Not only will the sticker price be lower, but you can also enjoy less depreciation in the vehicle’s value. Most new vehicles lose a significant portion of their value in the first three years, which can be problematic if you owe more on the loan.

Less Stress

Accidents happen, particularly around new and inexperienced drivers. After buying a new car, it’s normal to stress and worry about keeping it in pristine condition. Purchasing an older vehicle can help you stress less over minor blemishes and cosmetic flaws. After all, getting a scratch on a five-year-old car may feel like less of a big deal than tarnishing a new one.

More Reliable

Finally, used cars are often better tested than new ones. Buying a new model can be problematic, as you could be surprised by problems or safety concerns later on. Purchasing a used car, however, means driving a model that has already been put through its paces. You can research and read about other users’ experiences, which will help you understand what to expect from the vehicle.


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